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β€œIn some ways she was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connexion to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, 'just to keep people frightened'.” – 1984, George Orwell

Evidence diagram

To the rest of the world, what the Bush Government put forward as the official account of what happened on 9/11 has largely been accepted yet scratching below the surface even a bit shows that what happened on that day is considerably more complicated than what we have been led to believe.

The following diagram is based on the evidence that has surfaced in the years since the attack took place. The documentation is huge to say the least and trying to understand how it all ties together in a coherent form is difficult and very time consuming. This is an attempt to illustrate how all the key individuals and evidence fit together. It should persuade you that what the US Government said happened needs to come under greater scrutiny.

Hover over the magnifying glasses to read the crucial questions.

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Money trail

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Newspaper reports


Coleen Rowley writes bombshell memo on FBI failings in obstructing investigations

Agent Robert Wright complains FBI stopped him from investigating terrorism money

Law enforcement officials undermined by bungled investigations and bureaucratic rivalries

The Path to 9/11: Lost Warnings and Fatal Errors

Haunted by years of missed warnings

The C.I.A. and the failure of American intelligence

Hijackers Lived With FBI Informant


Seattle man of Middle Eastern defence predicted terror attacks

Taxi driver tells Village Voice reporter not safe to be in New York in late August or early September

Authorities in New York track numerous leads that some people, including the Arab-American community, heard rumours about an attack

French priest warned Italian officials he was told about a potential terrorist attack


Taliban diplomat warned of 'huge attack'

Jordan and Morocco warned of 'airborne' terrorist operations in U.S.

Egyptian President warned of Al-Qaeda plot

US Investigators given the name and telephone number of hijacker two and a half years before attack by German intelligence officials

Italian police recorded Al-Qaeda suspects discussing aerial attacks 13 months prior to 9/11

Israel security warned of large-scale aerial attacks 'imminent'

Egypt and Italy warn of plot to kill Bush in Genoa, July 2001


Canada asked to aid SEC probe on trading prior to 9/11

Unusual trading reached unprecedented levels leading up to the 9/11 attack

EU officials step up investigations into suspicious insider trading prior to the attacks

European and US investigators probe suspicious trading

Mystery of terror 'insider dealers'

Computer disk drives from WTC could yield clues on suspicious financial transactions


NORAD exercise had jet crashing into building

NORAD had drills of jets as weapons

Hijackers fly into Pentagon? No chance, said top brass

Pentagon Crash Scenario Was Rejected for Military Exercise

New York Emergency Management Office organises exercise in May 2001 involving terrorists attacking Manhattan with biological agents

Pentagon has mass evacuation exercise in August 2001, involving a plane hitting the building


Visas that Should Have Been Denied

Sneaking Into America: Sloppy State Dept. Paper Work Let Sept. 11 Hijackers Into the U.S.

Senators: 9-11 was preventable - Report says agency failed to follow policy, deny visas to hijackers


Unanswered questions: The mystery of Flight 93

What did happen to Flight 93?

FBI and police cordon off debris area six to eight miles from where plane crashed

Black box found

FBI explains other planes at Flight 93 crash site

2 planes had no part in crash of Flight 93

"I know of two people - I will not mention names - that heard a missile."


India helped FBI trace ISI-terrorist links

9/11 funds came from Pakistan, says FBI

Suspected terrorist leader was wired funds through Pakistan

Pearl was probing spy agencies' role

Who really killed Daniel Pearl?The US is ignoring evidence of links with Pakistan's secret service

Case closed? The Pearl murder trial is over but the jury is still out on Pakistan intelligence's links to militants

Did Pearl die because Pakistan deceived CIA?

Pakistan: Pretense of an Ally


Congress Seeks F.B.I. Data On Informer - F.B.I. Resists

FBI agents close to discovering two terrorists in San Diego living with FBI informant

Senator Bob Graham accuses White House of covering up Saudi connection

FBI probes possible Saudi, 9/11 money ties

Bush Won't Reveal Saudi 9/11 Info

Scrutinizing the Saudi Connection

The CIA and Saudi Arabia, the Bushes and the Bin Ladens. Did their connections cause America to turn a blind eye to terrorism?

Report Links Saudi Government to 9/11 Hijackers, Sources Say


Bush links Al Qaeda in Iraq to 9/11; critics reject connection

Bush: No Iraq link to 9/11 found

Bush rejects Saddam 9/11 link

9/11 panel sees no link between Iraq, al-Qaida