"9/11 : Press For Truth"

Out of the grieving thousands left behind on September 11th, a small group of activist families emerged to demand answers.

In "9/11 Press For Truth", six of them tell for the first time the powerful story of how they took on the powers in Washington — and won! — compelling an investigation, only to subsequently watch the 9/11 Commission fail in answering most of their questions.

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The Maiwand Lion

Situated in Forbury Garden, Reading, the Maiwand lion was erected in 1886 to commemorate the deaths of 329 men killed in the battle of Maiwand, Afghanistan, between 1878 and 1880. The inscription reads:

Lion in Reading

"This monument records the names and commemorates the valour and devotion of XI (11) officers and CCCXVIII (318) non-commissioned officers and men of the LXVI (66th) Berkshire Regiment who gave their lives for their country at Girishk Maiwand and Kandahar and during the Afghan Campaign MDCCCLXXIX (1879) - MDCCCLXXX (1880). "History does not afford any grander or finer instance of gallantry and devotion to Queen and country than that displayed by the LXVI Regiment at the Battle of Maiwand on the XXVII (27th) July MDCCCLXXX (1880)." Despatch of General Primrose."

This website has adopted the statue as its motto in honour of all those who are serving in the current Afghan conflict. Although the bravery of soldiers to fight in conflict is respected, the military do not make foreign policy but only to serve UK interests in the Middle East in response to wishes of politicians. I fear that the injuries and deaths to British soldiers in Afghanistan will be in vain.

Immoral invasions, oil and the war on terror

The lies surrounding the military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the subterfuge and lies perpetrated by the US and UK Governments has become increasingly self-evident. Rather than the alleged pretexts of 'WMDs', 'making the world a safer place', 'getting rid of Saddam' and 'Iraqi links to Al-Qaeda' to justify military action, most people now recognise these campaigns are largely about controlling the oil supply in Central Asia. This is something the politicians will deny and the media won't discuss.

For us in the UK, the point of the 'war on terror' is to make sure we support military action based on the pretext that it would minimise the chance of domestic civilian casualties from alleged Muslim extremists. If you have an open mind about 9/11 and look at the evidence, then you would realise this whole 'war on terror' is nothing more than a house of cards designed to frighten us into supporting political and economic policies by weakening our own civil liberties under the guise of the 'war on terror'.

The British connection

67 innocent British nationals were murdered on 9/11 and US Government officials have never adequately investigated their deaths, along with the almost 3000 other individuals killed on that day.

The man in this photo is Omar Saeed Sheikh, British born of Pakistani descent who attended Forest School, Walthamstow, and later attended the London School of Economics.

He was also a militant and terrorist who worked with Al-Qaeda but also had connections to the Pakistani intelligence services, the ISI. There are allegations he was also hired by British Intelligence to work in the Balkans during the late 90s.


The important aspect of his life is his connection to 9/11. It is widely known that Saeed Sheikh was the middle man between Mehmood Ahmed, the head of the ISI, and Mohammed Atta, the alleged lead hijacker. This was initially reported by CNN and confirmed by the India Times and the FBI.

The final Commission proclaimed the source of the funds for the attack "remains unknown", just one of the many omissions and distortions during the 'investigation'.

The attack was a true crime against humanity with fatalities from a quarter of the world's countries let alone the injured first responders and others who continue to, and will, feel the effects of 9/11 for years to come. Yet it has never been properly investigation and many unanswered questions remain.

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